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January 2022
Nforno Pizza

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Toronto, Canada



The Client

Nforno Pizza is Toronto’s leader in customizable pizza ready in 90 seconds. Nforno has fused the old-world pizza traditions with fast, casual dining, with your pizza being ready before you leave the counter. With deep, Italian roots, Nforno only uses the finest quality ingredients - Italian 00 flour imported from Italy and the freshest ingredients available for your pizza every day.

The Challenge

Nforno is a brand driven by its principle of quality and authenticity. This project was about making the Nforno brand come to life - telling a story of how the pizza is made and the care that goes into it. With growing commoditization of pizza and the fast-food industry, Nforno needed to be a brand that stood out among others and be able to communicate its story.

The Solution

A fully customized website, photography, and commercial with linked ordering capabilities that stayed true to the Nforno brand and the authenticity that it represents.