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December 2021
The Trustee Hub

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Non-Profit Organization

The Client

The Trustee Hub is an initiative of The Neighbourhood Group to support community-led groups across Toronto who have received grants to carry out their initiatives. The Trustee Hub develops the capacity of local leaders across Toronto to make meaningful change in their communities.

The Challenge

In addition to a website redesign, The Trustee Hub required a self hosted platform for storing Trustee Hub Documents and making the process of clients finding them easier. A login portal was needed for unique clients to access secure and protected documents. The Trustee Hub required an intricate website with many pages to showcase its projects, news, events, information about trusteeship, and a donation link to allow supporters to back the non-profit organization.

The Solution

A redesigned, fully functioning and responsive website with custom logins enabled to provide levels of information to clients, sponsors, and associated organizations to foster trust with the community that The Trustee Hub serves.